Golden Phoenix (金凤)


Golden Phoenix (金凤)

Just like its mandarin name Jin Feng (金凤) , the durian has thin and spiky thorns that looks similar to a Phoenix. The flesh has a slightly lighter shade of yellow, and not as firm to hold compared to Musang King.

The durian flesh is bittersweet and has a stronger smell compared to the other durian species.

Product Info:
*Durian flesh 400g+- per packet (1.2 kg of durian)
*Durians are de-husked and in heat-sealed packing to avoid any odour contamination during delivery.
*Your durian flesh is packed and delivered within the day.
*We’ll refrigerate it in chiller before delivery to keep product freshness to guarantee customer satisfaction and taste.

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Golden Phoenix (金凤)

Other names: Jin Feng
Colour: Pale yellow-white
Taste notes: Sweet with a slight bitterness
From: Pahang, Johor


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Normal (1 KG), Large (1.5 KG), Extra Large (2 KG)

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