Have a friend that can’t take the strong sweetness of durian? Craving for durians but on a diet plan?

Fear not as you can choose to have these D101 durians where its less sweet but creamy, however it will not affect the overall taste of the meat!

Product Info:
*Total fruit flesh weight is 400g+-/packet from 1~1.2kg of durian.
*Durians are de-husked and in heat-sealed packing to avoid any odour contamination during delivery.
*Your durian flesh is packed and delivered within the day.
*We’ll refrigerate it in chiller before delivery to keep product freshness to guarantee customer satisfaction and taste.

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Colour:  Orangey-yellow
Taste notes: Creamy and wet texture. It is bitterer and less sweet than other varieties..
From: Johor


Season is coming soon! See you in Dec!