Black Thorn (黑刺)


Black Thorn (黑刺) – Fresh Durian

Black Thorn has a rosy, orange hue that can vary from pastel to flame depending on the age of the tree. A signature mark is a thick core with a rust-colored “drain” or line running down the middle. The flesh is rounded and mounded and incredibly thick, and even when the tree is old, the wrinkles are small and delicate, the thin and easily broken skin stretched tightly over the corpulent mounds of flesh.

Product Info:
*Durian flesh 400g+- per packet (1.2kg of durian).
*Durians are de-husked and in heat-sealed packing to avoid any odour contamination during delivery.
*Your durian flesh is packed and delivered within the day.
*We’ll refrigerate it in chiller before delivery to keep product freshness to guarantee customer satisfaction and taste.

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Black Thorn (黑刺)

Colour: Orange
Taste notes: Thick and creamy with sweet and custardy
From: Penang

Season is coming soon! See you in Dec!